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What is a Disability?

That’s often a misunderstood thing for a lot of people. Most people see a guy in a wheelchair and accept it easily that he’s disabled because you can see it.

Surely that is one type of disability, the physical one that is explainable in form and function being limited by the man or woman.

The thing that people often fail to recognize as a disability is the hidden ones. The nightmares that keep you up at night. The irrational anger or fear or both that haunt you and cause you to fear your own actions.

The moments of disassociation where you blank out and then come back to consciousness suddenly not remembering what exactly you were doing or how you got to where you physically are.

Disability is many things and hard to define in a box. If you want or need someone to talk to, let us know here and we’ll help you find your options for care. This company is about helping people, let us help you.

Disabled Veteran