Main Office: Upland DR, Houston, TX


Phenomenal Experience: It was a blessing to have connected with the Life Changing Veterans Benefits team. Their integrity, professionalism, organization, and perseverance are what drew me to them. They are the epitome of veracity and selfless service. In addition to changing my life in a more consistent direction, the Life Changing Veteran Benefits team navigated the course of my life compass by being persistent and punctual. They ensured that I was scheduled for, and in time, for all of my VA appointments. I now have the time freedom to position myself to further pursue my short and long term goals.

Mr. M. Kim
Major, Army Retired
As almost everyone that has dealt with Veterans Affairs knows they wear you down until you quit, as they deny veterans the help they need and have earned. Personally I was so frustrated with the endless red tape of dealing with the Veterans Administration I used a firm (not LIFE CHANGE) that charges a fee and specializes in these claims. Still almost all of my claims were denied. The final straw of that company was when they ignored my needs. I thought they filed a claim which was my last hope, when in fact it they were sitting on it for their advantage, i.e. they would make more money. They did not file my claim in a timely manner rather my claim was just sitting in their office without any progress for over a month! I blew a gasket! I almost gave up and it made me even more depressed. I had accepted I was going to be homeless.

Then I heard about this company, Life Change. I had pretty much lost all faith in ever getting anything done with VA but Tom, the Life Change Lead Consultant smiled at me and and told me, "Believe." I was still skeptical. But in under a month the Life Change team filed my claim and got me appointments with VA. I was amazed. Here is the BEST part to me. The most amazing thing was that my claims were not denied! It was a true victory over what I thought was a hopeless process at VA.  

Words can never explain my relief. Life Change has indeed changed my life. I know not all cases may go as well as mine, however I would highly recommend the good folks over at Life Change, they take care of veterans. I can wholeheartedly say they know their business. 'T's are crossed "I"s are dotted; forms are filed: phone calls are made: they know and speak the language of the VA and will help you complete the mission.  

I would also add they do more than just VA claims. MS. Monica Rivera over there already filed for the VA life insurance for me and I have been enrolled in the Foreign Medical Plan (overseas medical care). This now means I will have the local medical care that I need. Amazing! They are now working on getting my CAC card. No matter what challenge you are facing I would say give them a shout most likely can they can help.
Ssgt Brown
To everyone at Life Changing Veterans Benefits, I send a deep and heartfelt thank you to Tom, Joel, Cathy, and the ladies who helped in the background. It’s been a journey. It took 8 months, but thankfully with a successful result.

LCVB what can I say? Awesome, friendly, supportive, and professional. All just superficial adjectives to describe Tom, Joel, Cathy, and company. They went above and beyond and seemed to really care that I and others who reach out to them get the best service. Tom and Joel are the main characters. Tom is the leader and friendly face of the company. Joel is the technical expert on VA related subjects. While Cathy is the background support whose role cannot be underestimated. She is one of the reasons LCVB was founded.

Now on to my experience. In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect. While LCVB provides a host of services I was there to put in a claim for my service-related disabilities. From beginning to end they were with me all the way. They made sure all my paperwork was squared away, set up appointments for evaluations, made calls to the VA to expedite and inquire about status, kept in touch, and made sure I was ready for the evaluations. I know there are other companies out there that do the same thing, but it was the personal and family friendly atmosphere that really impressed me. Through my experience with them I feel comfortable promoting and endorsing their services to other veterans. I would rate them 5 stars.
MSgt Albano
USAF Retired
Life Changing Veteran Benefits live up to their name of changing veteran’s lives! I had the pleasure of serving on active duty with Tom and he is the best there is! Tom is known for making things happen. I have never known anyone that was able to develop and implement programs, access information, and deliver so quickly. You can rest assured that your paperwork will be looked over with a critical eye to ensure that you get all of the compensation that you deserve. Tom has strong beliefs in God and it reflects in the way that he lives his life and cares about helping others. The Life-Changing Veterans Benefits team made the process simple and painless. They kept me updated at every step, ensuring all the crucial information on my claim was written correctly and that nothing was missing. The staff is caring and will meet with you regularly to ensure your needs are being met. It has been a blessing and I thank God for putting this organization in my path. I will forever be grateful for the benefits that have changed my life! Wish Tom and his staff God’s blessing and guidance as they help America’s best!!!
SCPO Ruben Garcia
U.S. Navy, Retired