Main Office: Upland DR, Houston, TX

Our Mission

LC Veteran Benefits exists to help veterans and their families receive and maximize benefits that may be granted to them as allowed by law. Our aim is to provide the best service, most competitive pricing, and the most customer friendly payment schedules possible for the services we provide to our veteran clients. In most cases this will mean little or no out-of-pocket fees for our customers until benefits are realized.

Our Vision

We know that each case is different. Our fees are based on a formula that takes into consideration time spent on various aspects of your case, types of services provided, benefits gained, percentages attained, as well as other important elements of your case. The result is an easier process for you, with lower overall cost than what most similar services would charge.

Company Founders

LC Veteran Benefits is a service founded by Disabled American Veterans and spouses of disabled Veterans. We understand the needs and challenges of our fellow veterans and their families. Our goal is to provide our Nation’s Veterans the services to obtain the benefits and rating they have earned as quickly and as efficiently as possible while treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve as a result of their selfless sacrifice in defending our nation.

Thomas "Tom" Barr, Co-Founder

Tom is a retired Navy Veteran who served as a Human Resources Officer with over thirty years of combined service in uniform as both an enlisted sailor and an officer. He is a true Mustang. U.S. Navy veterans will recognize the term. After retirement he managed personnel readiness for U.S. Navy Aviation which is the largest component of the U.S. Navy (Aircraft Carriers and all operational aircraft squadrons around the world). As with other Veterans who work with LC, Tom is also a disabled Veteran whose vision is for LC to not only care for veterans, but their families as well. He and his spouse Catherine started Life Change to mainly assist Veterans who are living and visiting overseas, primarily in the Philippines. By demand, in less than one year, that has changed to all Veterans and their families globally.

Cathy Barr, Co-Founder

Catherine has lived the life as the spouse of an Active Duty U.S. Navy Sailor and Navy Veteran. She has experienced lengthy separations when military duty calls. Managing the home front as both mother and father can be challenging, but a military spouse does it for months at a time on multiple occasions for sometimes 20 to 30 years. Seeing first hand what happens to active duty military members and their families when they finally separate or retire from service has taught Catherine a valuable lesson. Veterans need someone out there who will help, not only the veteran, but their families. Along with her husband and Company Co-Founder Tom, her vision has become a reality. Striving to ensure Veterans and their families are taken care of from A to Z in regards to Veteran and spouse benefits has been mission one.

Navigating the world of VA Disability and much more can be a huge task for anyone. Catherine and Life Change have taken that mission on to make the process seamless and simple for Veterans and their families.   Born in Llorente, Eastern Samar in the Philippines, Catherine was raised speaking three separate dialects of the Philippines and speaks English and Korean fluently. She calls Temecula, CA her home but still holds the Philippines in her heart as that is where she founded Life Change after seeing many U.S. Military Veterans struggle with simple everyday tasks. The response from the Veteran community has been extensive with many Veterans around the world reaching out for assistance.

Welcome to LC Veteran Benefits... where life change begins and the veteran and family’s needs are our mission.