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Client Testimonials

“It was a blessing to have connected with the Life Changing Veterans Benefits team. Their integrity, professionalism, organization, and perseverance are what drew me to them. ...”
Mr. M. Kim
Major, Army Retired
“As almost everyone that has dealt with Veterans Affairs knows they wear you down until you quit, as they deny veterans the help they need and have earned. ...”

Ssgt Brown
“To everyone at Life Changing Veterans Benefits, I send a deep and heartfelt thank you to Tom, Joel, Cathy, and the ladies who helped in the background. ...”

MSgt Albano
USAF Retired
“Life Changing Veteran Benefits live up to their name of changing veteran’s lives! I had the pleasure of serving on active duty with Tom and he is the best there is! ...”

SCPO Ruben Garcia
U.S. Navy, Retired