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Assistance for retired and disabled
veterans and their families
at home and abroad

Life Changing Veteran Benefits

You served your country to the best of your ability. Get ALL the benefits you deserve. LC Veteran Benefits specializes in VA disability benefits and more.

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Our Services

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VA Disability Services

We help disabled and retired U.S. veterans maximize and get the most out their their VA benefits.

Veteran Services and Help from LC Veteran Benefits

Other Veteran Services

We help veterans with certificates and paperwork at home and abroad, as well as other services.

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Family Related Services

We help with passports, wills, marriage and family related documents & certificates, etc.

Travel and Flights for US Veterans

Travel Services

We are licensed to handle your flight reservations and travel related needs in several countries.

What is a Disability?

Disabled Veteran

Not all disabilities are easily visible. Some are hidden from view. If you want or need someone to talk to, get in touch with us and we’ll help you find your options for care.

Why Choose LC Veteran Benefits?

Veteran Owned

We are veteran owned and operated. We speak your language and understand your needs.


Work with us via the web or at our convenient locations around the world.


Our managers and staff will treat you with the respect you deserve.


We understand your desire for logical assistance towards achieving your goals.

Client Testimonials

“It was a blessing to have connected with the Life Changing Veterans Benefits team. Their integrity, professionalism, organization, and perseverance are what drew me to them. ...”
Mr. M. Kim
Major, Army Retired
“As almost everyone that has dealt with Veterans Affairs knows they wear you down until you quit, as they deny veterans the help they need and have earned. ...”

Ssgt Brown
“To everyone at Life Changing Veterans Benefits, I send a deep and heartfelt thank you to Tom, Joel, Cathy, and the ladies who helped in the background. ...”

MSgt Albano
USAF Retired
“Life Changing Veteran Benefits live up to their name of changing veteran’s lives! I had the pleasure of serving on active duty with Tom and he is the best there is! ...”

SCPO Ruben Garcia
U.S. Navy, Retired

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We serve veterans and their families wherever they are in the world.